Facing the Beast Within


She walked onto the field alone
to face death and tame the rage within.

The death she faced?

… a living death …

defined within the limits
of fur and teeth, claw,

muscle and sinew …
the ancient knowledge of strength and

ultimate power …

the need to kill,
the blood urge of the

striped cat.

When her time came she faced the cat
its body crouched low to the ground,

eyes narrowed ears pointed forward,
the air vibrating with

the purr of


She stood alone;
a sacrifice to end

the burden of
fury and fear.

Suddenly, the cat arched
through air a blur of light

its hypnotic eyes
fixed upon her;

they absorbed her image
they drew her into oblivion;

its single minded intent
to capture, to kill and

to absorb her

life …

She dropped like a rag doll
within its grasp

helpless and overwhelmed;
the only sound

a cacophony of drumbeats
coursing within her heart,

her lungs her brain in

The beast’s breath
measured and sure

a blend of confident superiority
and cold calculated purpose

sounding deep within its

The world became
a tumbling mixture
of bright light,

green grass, soft blue
movement, tan grains of sand,

white fur, yellow and black,
small rocks floating by

points of teeth slurred in slow

Beyond thought, beyond mind’s will
she lay subservient, cowed and


She emerged transformed.

Driven by courage she had
freed herself from

the rage and fury that
lived within.

A sacrifice she made to Death for
the sake of Living.

The beast within finally

destroyed …