Did you know …

i fuck you on the back porch
most nights
about this

I watch scenes and visions
of you passing by

naked views and
sinews singing in the air
wafting on the breeze … giving me your pleasure
I seize …

wispy delicate visions
I search for
sunken treasure plunged deep inside
touching magic visions
moisture laden/molten/hot/leaded
slippery slopes seen slowly
roiling by

casually …

eyelids slowly rising closing
… sweet luxury ..

or raw sex seen
most explicitly

my slippery hand remembering

nights when
evening dreams spent

rolled in liquid warming luminescence
tumbling breakwater rolling inward
sparks that crackled rested
sizzled … the feast of love
eaten time and time
again ..

‘till morning sun seen
risin … all through the night …

your luscious self
still in my mind

the scenes i’ve seen
so many times

will last forever … they will always/churn inside …

when i see them

while fucking you on the back porch
most nights
about this

i stroke you gently with my being
encircling you with each measure

snaking tales of
winged flight grasping
slipping sliding crescent head
stroking thinking … seeing into
inner visions materialized at night
when i fuck you on the back porch
about this time most every night …

with highlights from all nights passions
sights and visions with deepest
sensation … !

or afternoon deliniation/sensations …

labia flower’s sweetness
softest petals earthy fragrance


the soil of natures love
to each possessing their

equal share …

a taste that only love
can sense … the source

from deep inside
curved among the
fibers of your being …

waiting to be
discovered … waiting to be
seen … waiting to be
tasted … !

I sit in trance from the many visits …

there was

the time:

you threw your knee over
my chest you
rolled your pussy over my face so
casually ,,,

on a singular quest
to suck my dick  you said,

 “I just wanted to suck your cock … !”

you breathed my dick inside
it seemed with hunger
upon my back so i could see …

your pussy rolled above

looking down at me


crystal chakras opened
the sight of you so freely given

so unabashedly showing


the sight of your vagina
cracked wide
for what you wanted eaten
wet and warm and tasty with movement
seething with iridescent
pain … cock sure ..

impaled within
the place of your determined destiny …. while sucking

lolly licking mouth fucking sucking me
sucking from me within
sucked me into
the unseen within the
within …

I lose all sense of life
when i feel the cycle ice chill rising,

i become a single steely strand of g note strung tightly vibrating  shattered leaded crystal

singing ..

i look up into your secrets
the ones that only i can see

bewitched by the power

of life, or death you hold over me …
aqua pure … so fine

Explosions in my mind … !!

Revolving !!

In your
name i cry

you are


And this is what usually happens
just abut every time


i fuck you on the back porch

most nights
nearly always
about this
time …