I’ll show you outward shows of affection
starting with smiles of affection and humor

that leads to opening doors .. let in
light you may have forgot was there ..

could lead to an intelligent discussion
or shared laughter acting

stupid with your
body that goofy faced grin

you always hold in
could lead to teasing and

lots of sarcasm ..
more laughter now with borderline

blips of hysteria or
limited stiletto screams if things get

a little physical …
for ‘ya …

… could lead to chasing each other
around indoors hiding in

behind closet doors …
giving in to mock violence ..

let you sit on top and
do me in!

put your slit on me

 do whatever you want.”

… could practice your steps when
the music comes on to

remember to show your true
beauty to

hold and to touch and
to move and to

listen … to
sway to the music

feel the bones of your back
the curve at your waist

… turn your head
brush your lips
lick my tongue on your
cheek for sideways kisses …
tongues thrust laterally
searching … tips
touching …

kissing, outside, searching
sliding slippery mouth wide
inhalations ..

sideways kissing tongue over
upper lip flame like … feel your teeth
your gums … the inside of your cheek …

twisting searching for the
heat …

hands on scalp pushing
head fingers arms elbows
rib cage behind your neck
vicious butt squeeze,
sideways kisses sloppy slurpy
yummy kisses …

with back arched thrusting head back in final orgasm,

the hot crotch to knees, the roll,

the sex you’ve stolen but

you give it in return

could be your back arched
dipped toward the floor
head thrown back
neck slack
hair dripping to the ground
mouth open close to orgasm
hand between your hot crotch

to know when to
gasp and roll … the final fall … spasms .. .clutching … losing … fusing … spinning … stunning … sex you’ve stolen

you give it in return … !!