… the night emotions ruled, she let go of her rage, the magnetism sparked and short circuited, their direction changed imperceptibly yet … change HAD to occur .. but how, what,where, when?

Hard to understand since most of us live within a comfort zone.

Rage had always been part of her life it’s/it’s hard to consider that/filled with new love, new life, a gift of sudden gratitude on a journey that seemed perfect compared to the pain of crying herself to sleep each night yet, forced to carry on through the the loss of world’s protection but for one, the ‘true one’s’ extension … that it could come back again to haunt her.

Those forces had wrapped themselves around the whole complicated machinery of life a twisted snake when the inevitable force of death entered the machinery like some kind of ever changing dynamo – orbits within orbits of living matter with life forces attached spinning yet, somehow staying in stasis; a beautufgul machine that by its nature glows with force and color and complexity ..

the inevitability of change always present; a single component that spins the dynamo out of balance; lost love the greatest pain that never goes away even when found again.

After the loss, she collided with the arc of her self and like atoms in an atom smasher threw her into another world forced to make choices harnessing the energy unleashed by profound sadness.