The moments their lips touched
a stirring came from within,

a light returned,
along the course of life

the path of being
that summer orbiting wildly
her soft gravity drawn into

a land of selfless sensuality,
never before tasted within the

senses …..

take me if you choose
I’m yours if you want me

i’ve been waiting for you
all my life you knew me

when time began,
the hour of the clock you struck
when the time had come

The hour may not come again

take me

take what is yours to have

take me for the asking.
I’m yours for the taking..

The fuse was lit

That bomb cut loose

all chosen roads that lead
to nowhere

 further up!
the heights,

to roads that bring discovery

that sacred  given quality

to those who travel well,

or not at all but by

their luck and good fortune
at such an age to be born

into that other world.

at such an age of innocence
the fruits of their fruition

the best that
they could

He kissed her deeply

She kissed him back

New life had just begun …