Unseen within the silent flame
Time stood still years after waiting
her thirst left unrequited
the vision within held but not taken
each year growing darker with time
distorted words growing  silent
misery’s half empty glass gone vacant
where beauty was
the road to truth
could not  be
found …

the night she died
imploding rages came
mystery’s darkest night exploded
buried sadness, dreams of future gladness
pillows wet with madness
nightmares wakened
great sorrow, greater pain
the world forsaken
new life the world had given
now taken from the fold …
No one saw the inward darkness
not one friend came to bind the wounds …
…..  alone …..
her only place for refuge,
the world inside four walls from childhood days
the past made keen great works from small beginnings

life’s treasures she created
her works far far greater than the rest
her grace given outward beauty
inscribed on rolls of silver halide paper.
her legacy will survive
It didn’t matter what grace had given
she only came half way
no connection ever made

no touch to fill the well
no feelings ever given
to match her will
words no man had ever spoken
only taken her for granted

that kind of love never given
that road to softest beauty never found
her beauty left unseen
where she lives

Alone …

 within the
silent flame …