…. all i’ve ever wanted is to feel loved … positive beautiful affirming of self/each other/ kind words affectionate words words that come from a place that isn’t honest or dishonest a place that just “is” … it doesn’t have to think .. it’s a place that ‘rises above’ but what? is just ‘does’  .. love touches in different ways than everyday “socialisms” between everyday people

.. on paper .. sometimes on the screen …  words kiss and caress they sooth and like and liken and hark and bring light and memory and shine and sudden wave on paper they tell story of laugh and joy and sensual pleasure ..

love remembers love hears love listens love takes fear away .. love eats distress .. chews it with gusto like swallowing cum to please even though it tastes like bleach .. love releases dreams love creates a reality of its own shared delightful giggling it can’t contain itself sometimes its overwhelming in its magnetism ..

there are no words to describe at times .. it not concerned with self it gives in for pleasure it shares pain gratefully it suspends time it creates visions it draws a body to a body in unique ways for each person is unique in their own way it matches up it magnetizes it finds and realizes it sleeps well with itself it looks beyond itself it seeks to know it revels in what it sees and hears it wraps warmth around the other thought it looks beyond reality it sees it wonders it mesmerizes at times lost in vision and fascination it finds humor not because it’s funny but because it’s indescribably beautiful to see the personal representation of all you’ve ever wanted or needed ..

it wants to be loved sure .. but only so it can love back and back and back … love sees danger and looks ahead .. loving is caring … it’s more than caring .. love is loss of self for other self more important .. love wants to give life more more life to another .. it splendors itself when it sees sparkles and sunlight come streaming streaming from eyes

.. it reflects the same light .. love will do whatever it takes to make another happy .. love wants to give and give .. love looks for ways to give searching searching always looking for another way another reason .. love wants love love wants to be loved love looks for other love … love loves love .. love might not even have a reason .. love just is .. there is no reason ..

love  strikes when you least expect it if you are lucky and it pulls you and it suspends time

.. love sees colors and shapes that exist for but a moment but held forever .. love wants to please .. love wants warmth for another .. love can touch and touch and touch and never grow tired .. love gives pleasure vast amounts if possible love wants beauty to see in another ..

love knows that if it knows it’s there it will find it and bring it to another embracing with eyes that see the other the world falls away .. love hears and listens and idolizes .. it celebrates the unique that it sees that lays hidden but it can see and only it sees it …

the unique of another ..

love celebrates another with its whole self it feels it gladly it wants to touch it wants to give .. love is carried everywhere another presence in the world that’s always there even though a thousand miles away ..

love has hope galore .. hope for wellness .. hope that it can heal just by thinking … it wants to celebrate the joy of living with another magnificent as two can be ..

love yearns for another because it knows the secret … that each one is only half .. so love makes people whole .. love makes people whole with themselves .. love feeds on the pain of another … love wants another’s pain .. love thinks only of the other .. love loves .. love loves loving .. love loves loving in return and giving in return and returns what it gives ..

it gives and gives and gives and wants nothing other than for another to be .. to be the best that they can be .. !

it’s easy for love to be spellbound .. when spellbound it spellbinds with another .. love binds without thinking .. this is what love just ”is” .. mutualy spellbinding .. love celebrates another life .. love crys when its sad but it doesn’t matter .. it knows another lover feels its pain ..

love can be so surprising ..! it springs from unknown places for no reason .. surprising with delight like magic from unknown places sudden treasures seen or brought to bear ..

love loves surprises .. sudden appearance face to face when least expected creating delight .. that sudden intake the extra measure of others air received .. a drop of unseen honey in the air that makes things funny without words .. or words without knowing where they sprang from more unknown delight that’s confounding ..

love has no beginning when you find it .. it was always there but umaware you waited unaware and when you find it it glows with color … mine was the color blue ..

yes, love glows with colors eyes and clothes and skin and toes and veins and birth marks in secret places no one else knows ..

love can draw a person inside another or make two people want to be another .. love grows with time .. how could it not .. it induces knowing so the mind keeps growing and growing ‘you give me your light i’ll give you mine” ..

love wants to give it’s light away so the other shines .. love loves to bask in loving shine .. love is a jewell and it’s a treasure .. love is freely given … love is beautiful and

it’s the purpose of life!

because if it comes it brings all that it can bring to the other .. a world of wonder it seeks to know once it has found the other .. to seek deeper .. to know and grow to be all for the other and to give the other all that it can be endlessly endlessly endlessly .. love gives life to live and to live with one another … love is all there is to life … just to know another and to share one life .. is all there is ..

it’s what i feel for you an endless fascination .. endless caring .. the thought of nothing else but what is good and best for you but oh .. how hard it is to love another when far far far away in time and space and each other … to touch to feel to sense what’s real .. you live you love you still love each other but you thirst for touch … to be whole while being WITH the other …