Dance with me

your mouth with mine
your tongue with me
myself with you

let me dance inside of you/giving you

dance blue

kiss your essence
kiss your smile!
kiss your face/kiss you inside …

Dancing inside/giving you.

Dance blue ..

Feel the melt of two,
drops of dew from silken trees

taste your salty flesh
midnight glow … give delight

let me dance inside of you/giving

dance blue

breath of sight
travelers in the night
take flight
each morning
new ..

Taste my sweet hello
juice of harmony
close your eyes
give me entrance inside

let me dance inside of you/let me give you

dance blue

into memory
into sighs
body feed on mine

be mine … Let me live
inside of you

Dance with me inside of you

Give me Love

Dance with me inside

Let me give you ….

Dance Blue