Foggy Bottom’s Night


We sat at the bar remembering,
that day we talked,
our elbows stuck to dried beer,
the sights and sounds
i still see and hear,
the juke box played so loud,
i hardly heard a word
but you looked so great
in those new jeans.

I flattened you against the wall
that wild night,
i had you in a lip lock.

When someone said get a room
i asked if you wanted to dance
and you floated like a butterfly
while i stung like a bee.

i’ll have fond memories
for that brick wall
until the day i live.

That hard brick
it foreshadowed the time we had
before you were to leave;
the clench and bite
the devouring sounds
too hard to tear away
when your’s locked onto mine

With sights and signs
the ceiling lights above
the chimes you said i rang
you’d never rung before
that afternoon till midnight
my fingers and your sighs
into the zone of foggy bottom’s night
the mind’s delight
the place of our relief
intimate sights thoughts soft and firm
that still remain.

You came to me,
you took the ride
and all at once it seemed
I knew you so well.

The way you were
when we were