While wiping the counter top when I
spilled water I thought about

drying you off after your bath each night; the
tiny drops of glistening sweat across your shoulders

from the humidity creeping up your spine those
familiar (to me) little moles back there

you are not familiar with maybe have never seen
but I have been privileged to see

I take notice of everything that is you; i want to
bore into you to

see and learn every aspect, explore every nook and cranny
of your countenance the nooks and crannies of your body

and mind equally beautiful, equally unique and fascinating
in their beauty, your unique ‘’you’’ the way you think

your movements, your form and expression when
you brush your teeth every time seen by me as

something mysteriously funny, my laugh rising from
somewhere within, giving me pause to look more closely

find more ways to share the smile you return to me
a ray of sunshine that blasts against me always,

It always gives me pause, a brief moment when my thoughts become
suspended when I behold …

I ALWAYS have to shake myself from trance while the
conversation continues

but now I’m listening to your words

while reveling at your face lit up, each facial expression
tinged with controlled laughter on the brink of letting go

your face red with the legacy of adolescent shyness
still a huge part of who you are

another one of those things that only I have deep knowledge of
since we bumped into each other’s lives

so long ago at 9 and 10 years old, love at first sight for me
and you know it was true …

My towel passes over your hips rounded with an extra layer of fat
accentuating your slender body, another hand hold for my grasping

need to pull you closer while making love to you
my desire to reach deeper and deeper inside of you

My towel sweeps into the curvature of your spine,
the gentle curvature of your ass cheeks small with perfectly formed

the perfect size, just plump enough to grab and squeeze and
pull you in closer when the heels of my passion

elevate my torso up and up grasping pushing
my movements unrestrained resonating urgency

quickening deliberate thrusts the bottom of my cock
not yet within you sandwiched between us,

your stomach giving pleasure to
my male clit; having stolen your freedom

I have usurped your will I have taken you …
put you into the wheat field of ultimate desire

holding on I feel you inside

your round behind
white, not a blemish my fingers embedded between

the crease where your butt
joins the back of your thighs

i can loosen my grip slide between your cheeks
downward grazing that sensitivities spot between those perfect lobes …

continuing my pinky finger laid flat
to touch and pet the hairs of your pussy from behind

stroking, petting, feeling; briefly touching your folded labia
parting the lips … slow entry to the wet smooth inside ..

feeling the heat that
melts the juice that flows with lightest touch

then one knee pulled forward giving further access
the pad of my middle finger sinking of its own accord

into the deep within
my fingers splayed around your round bottom

gripping, pulling deeper always deeper inside

you’re wrapped around my finger
warm and wet; then, the sudden intake of your breath

we both know that it’s not yet time, we must seize the moment
lose ourselves to each configuration of touch … we must explore …

your tongue a thrusting cock into my mouth
a willing pussy, my cock tongue a probing dick within your oral pussy …

the air thick with the smell and the sounds of
sex i roll you over, then slowly, slowly past the painful gate

past the tight, the momentary pain … I slide
on slippery warmth further inside the full length

then back out the walls of your slippery cunt
wrapped around my cock tight hot and wet

without exiting my
cock ridge touching the spot just inside

pulsing the ridge of my cock to
expand … you can feel the pulse

then slowly back into the depth of your yearning self/the woman inside
the wanton bitch who wants to be fucked … then the journey back …

i feel your rising up to meet
my dick inside …

your hands grasping, pulling me deeper
all thoughts of innocenct charm/inhibited shyness
let loose/ the animal urge
left to escape the gate of inhibition

sheer passion
pure and driving

breath, and voice and arc and spark,
grasping sounds your torso rising rising,

your pubic bone
grinding against mine … swaying side to side, up and down

your finger tips against
the small of my back then up my spine

your pussy tilted upward, the downward stroke
your pussy wrapped around

the slightest movement sending waves of gentle pleasure
hurrying tempo as the storm makes itself known

above the horizon…
looming heat nearing …

An invisible force that sweeps over
/wraps itself around mind and body

and we are convinced for long periods of time
our molecules and atoms will

intersperse/exchange, break down,
reunite, evolve and that ……

we will
leave this world
as one being
for another yet,
in the same world

yet in another …

within the within

within …


*the dark piece selected from Angel In the Sun inspired by Omega … )