Once they caught on to the direction of things
they went into orbit
maneuvering within and between the
different worlds they shared.

Their sight flowed out of them
like waves across the lake
mixed with chills of recognition,
dream like states, that
brought them into focus.

They shared two worlds, the world they existed in …
their serialized lives, each distinctly different from the other, the world of
their internal selves; the veil between the worlds defining
themselves apart quite distinctly …
Their highly charged, sight, thought, vision shared entities
their focal points of thought and desires
blended into super awareness.


Whenever one needed the other
the one would go to a certain spot
within the green land
between the furrowed fields where
oaks and elms swayed where
glacial boulders remained unchanged
the farmer’s dispensation their ultimate seclusion
where they played as kids while growing up
where they sat facing each other
leaned against two boulders the
hiss of wind through the saplings
they sway from

relaxing into
conversational mode.

He laughed at her appearance
and called her names
Another in a long line of openings for
her sarcasm to rise to the surface
and keep him in stitches
looking for more ways to
chide her, their laughter flowed from
artesian wells of delight.


Layed and waiting to be taken
gorged and wet, puffed and showing
the smooth within
by tongue and groove
wrapped from ear to ear in dark seclusion
begging for consumption
the taste of secrets born
the gift of liberation
their murmurs to the endpoint
far beyond the point of no

return ..

She drew her leg over his torso
her arms extended
positioned lengthwise
along the ridge lines locked between/their slippery selves/the sex of their arrival/
the sense of him within.

She rose to meet him
anxious to feel the momentary pain
the price she paid for entry within.

With silky smooth motion …

(the pain drifting into jagged pleasure/slithering like snakes into purple darkness/
the sound of the fog horn in the distance/the mournful sounds of summer nights …)

She gave herself into the timeless moment
of yielding madness, flashes of colors,
songs of thought, the rising mass of utter delight, drifting
down the river of a blue …

horizon …

For CD …..