continued … the drama of first light
their feathers etched
by fire light
the drama of first sight.

their journey had begun … 

One day leaned against the
locker shoulder to shoulder /looking straight ahead/hands at their sides/the back of them touching the
turn of their wrists … The first warm touch
after entering the world of years gone by
palm to palm her warmth and
his, exchanged when
time stood still, relieved that the
confirmation had finally expressed their
first shared thought that
they could be invisible to
those who stood surrounding them.

Once they caught on to the direction of things
they went into orbit
maneuvering within and between the
different worlds they shared.

Their sight flowed out of them
like waves across the lake
mixed with chills of recognition,,
dream like states, that
brought them more clearly into


They shared two worlds, the world they existed in …
their serialized lives, each distinctly different from the other, the world of
their internal


The veil between the worlds defined
themselves apart quite distinctly,
their highly charged sight, thought, vision, shared entities
their focal points of thought and desires
blending into super


They saw through the others eyes, shared sensations times 2;
their serialized lives then,
the reality of shared dreams during
sleep of unification, when they were


Whenever one needed the other
the one would go to a certain spot
within the green land seas
between the furrowed fields

where oaks and elms swayed/where glacial boulders remained unchanged
the farmer’s dispensation their ultimate seclusion
where they played as kids while growing up.

continued ….