… But! I have the words so why shouldn’t I use them while I still have the time?!..

That said.

You’d think I’d consider the sensibility of the subject totally incoincidental of its meaning don’t you? But, I don’t.

I was after all, “laced up in the shoes of indistinct possibilities wading over a river on slippery rocks,” that day.

The sea, the air and all above had already risen into submission.

With farthest tense possible!

What could I do? Stand and wait?

Those outraged and out sensed? THEY were the bright beacons of suspense!

Ha!  They and the dark elements of their discoveries were well beyond even the broken strength of steel!!

Night by night they squallored their lives in the material world strengthening their forces making strong, their learning curves arching/in suspense/waiting.

When sun rose that first day

came a crack between the cold gray sky,

came the drama of first sight,

came feathers etched by that fire’s light

and their journey began!!