Nick told me that the first time he saw me he was so taken aback that he actually froze in place.  He couldn’t take another step during those first few moments. 

He told me the sight of me seared itself into his brain.  Just like Lorenzo’s geese the first time they DSC_0978caught sight of Lorenzo and imprinted on him as their mother.

He says he has a special connection with those geese.  he he he

“If I’m not imprinted with you, how else”, he said, “could I take such delight looking at every single aspect of who you are?  You are a continual source of amazement to me Jessica.  I love every aspect of who you are.  I want to see every detail of who you are.  I want to listen to your thoughts. I love to watch your movements, the way you chew that chocolate chip ice cream you love. The look in your eyes.  The way you brush your teeth, the way you order your food, your moods and your laughter and most of all your sense of humor.  Your smile …

The more of you that I see … maybe it’s a pulse on the inside of your elbow or a fleck of darker blue in the iris around your eye … the more I want to see … the more I want to know and know … the more there is to see the more I get to enjoy.  It’s your ‘You’ that I love Jessica.  Everything that’s ‘You’.

One afternoon he slipped his arm around my waist.  Pulled me close.  We embraced like we always do.  We think we can pull ourselves into each other.  Seriously!  We hUnknownave this belief it can be done.  Maybe we already did it.  We’re such a part of each other.  

He told me all of this while pressed against me, his hands on either side of my face the sweetest look on his face.    

I finally understood why he gets such a big kick from watching me brush my teeth every night.

To me I’m just “ME” but, I guess that’s what’s so beautiful about it

But I digress …  continued