I met up with Nick at the university over by the statue on the other side of the union building where we ran into each other a couple years after high school a long time ago.

Fifteen years later our paths crossed again and here we are.  How it happened is an interesting story.

Nick was at a class reunion talking with my best friend K. when she picked up on a look in Nick’s eyes while he talked about me.  It was pretty obvious to K. that he was still in love with me.

It all had started a long time ago.  We were only ten.

It was love at first sight for Nick, that day during the winter when he saw me for the first time walking home from school.

It had become fairly well known that he gave me a Valentines Day heart and a hand written poem that year.  Some of the girls were jealous. I stood out like a sore thumb walking home with that heart.  But, I loved it.

But, I was dumbstruck.  I didn’t know who Nick was.  Someone had to point him out to me on the playground.

Being loved for the first time at any age, is perplexing.  My sister told me that kind of stuff usually happens later when you think about sex.

I had never thought about that before.

Since there was nothing sexual between us there was nothing to impede the full impact of love when it first came into our lives.  With nothing to impede its entry it hits you full force.  It goes in more deeply.

It’s pure love.

A lot of mystery surrounds that kind of love.  Almost like it affects your magnetic fields, or rearranges your genes or as Nick likes to compare it to the ‘imprinting’ of Lorenzo’s geese.

continued ……