… Reaching over to touch you between your legs seemed like the thing to do. I heard your breath kick up then you put that beach towel on your lap. We were lucky we were in the back corner of the bus that day.  
I had the strongest urge to throw my right leg over the top of your legs and sit my crotch against your pubic bone . Too bad we can’t relive the experience.  Is there a school bus around?  he he he 

I would have got my first … and last .. taste of lap dancing. You might have discovered you had enough talent to pay your way through college. You wouldn’t have had to work so hard at getting good grades.

I think being able to get scholarships was a lot easier than getting men to cum inside their jeans night after night. Some of us are destined for fame but that would not have been my choice.

Why don’t we turn on the radio and dance you could …..

Quiet! … All I know is when you touched me down there something happened. Some switch got turned on. It was like this warm electrical current spread throughout my body.  I shivered with cold and felt hot all at the same time. I wanted to put my head back.  I looked over at you. You were looking straight ahead with a smile on your face. Did you ever do that to another girl before me? You seemed to know what you were doing down there.  Your hand and my crotch.  They’ve gotten along pretty well from the beginning.

Jessica smiles at Nick.

It’s not rocket science Jessica and no, I never had the balls to do it with another girl even though when I got my first french kiss from Marcia Shultz my hard dick practically split the seam along the inside of my zipper.

He he he ,…. 

I thought it was going to rip through like you know …. like Hulk does when he gets all muscled up and his clothes rip away from his body. I thought my dick was going to rip out the zipper of my jeans. Christ almighty. Talk about an electrical charge. I think my dick became a lightening rod that …

Yeah … A lightening rod that WANTED to get struck by lightening. But you know I hated Marcia Shultz and now I know why.

Don’t worry about it jessica. You kiss ten times better than she ever thought of . Can’t you tell? When we kiss the old lightening rod starts looking around for the charge.

Pause.  Nick looks at Jessica’s tits.

Jesus Nick! … What a stupid fucking analogy and stop looking at my tits or I’ll embarrass you Nick!

Nick holds up his hands in surrender, laughing nervously.

(Nick raises his eyebrows in mock seriousness) Well you know, that first raging hard on was traumatic in its own way.

Why, because you didn’t know about wrapping your hand around it to finish the job? To jerk it around a little? Show it who’s boss.

Between my dick and you there’s no question about who’s boss. Sometimes it feels like you’re leading me around like a dog on a leash … and my cock is the leash.

Nick has a sly half smile on his face.

… Men’s dick’s are hardwired to their brains. Dicks are a man’s primary sense organ.  Their brains are constantly looking around for ways to do what the dick tells it it wants to do. I heard about a guy who fucked a knot hole in a tree one day …

(Nick chuckles.)  You read that in that book?

It could have been true! I had a friend who told me he fucked a chicken!

Nick rubs his chin in thought.  His head cocked to the side, eyebrow raised, looking upward.

Jessica waits, smiling.

Hmmm … stupid as it sounds I guess that’s a good example of ‘any port in a storm’. Probably the sheep were out to pasture that afternoon so he had no choice.

he he hehehe …. Now I know why you’re such a dick head Nick. You can’t help it! he hehe

continued: How Bobby LaPage showed everyone what ejaculation looks like during class in sixth grade.