… Well, you know what they say Jesica, there’s nothing more fun to play with than a hard cock.

A great way to while away the hours.  They should sell hard cocks through Grayco …

What the fuck is Grayco?

They used to sell silly putty and etch a sketches on t.v. remember?

Cool, give a hard dick to your kid for christmas this year. Better yet, get the model g2-10 that’s made of silly putty. Sex is a silly thing to do anyway. Why not have a silly putty dick to play with.  Give one to your kid instead of explaining the facts of life.

I’m sure most kids know the ins ad outs of hard cocks by the time they’re 12. Maybe even younger. these kids today … Jeeze.

They said the same thing about us Jess and my parents generation too.

Whatever …

I wanted to talk about that day you had the dirt ball fight when you had Terry Scrivner pinned to the ground forcing your muff onto his face.

I was punishing him for shooting me in the face with his bb gun.  My muff was still in it’s gestation phase although there were times when ummmm … never mind … where was I?

.,..   You were at the back of the bus sitting next to me when you got your first urge to straddle me with that muff of yours while that kid was counting how many licks it took to lick the ‘popsicle ‘ off of a Tootsie Roll Pop.

Why do guys do stupid stuff like that anyway?

It’s the pre pubescent way they show their man hood.  Their gonads haven’t kicked in enough so they make a big deal over licking a Tootsie Roll Pop.  They don’t know the difference.

We were on a different learning curve that day weren’t we? he he heh

I wasn’t sure you’d let me … explore the warm seam between your legs. I didn’t give it much thought actually.  Reaching over to touch you between your legs seemed like the thing to do. I heard your breath kick up then you put that big beach towel on your lap. We were lucky we were in the back corner.

Too bad I put my cut offs on over my bathing suit.  Now THAT would have been a whole new world.  I had the strongest urge to throw my right leg over the top of your legs and grind my crotch against you.  A thought like that would never have entered my mind until that day at the back of the bus.

ok … do this … take the words pubic bone, subtract pubic from the equation and THAT’S what you would have been grinding against.

Oooo ….when can we relive the experience.

We don’t need a school bus do we?

continued ..