Their suns rose during year ten when
magnetism sparked alive iron filings

between their poles
on a cold gray day

walking home from school
when the crack between their worlds formed

and new awareness crept over them.

A new day had arrived,
the old would never be the same.

The new day brought with it a light to follow,
feelings sensed they’d never felt before

the sight of her like nothing he had ever seen.

An intense flame lasting but a heartbeat
continued burning long after with smoldering intensity,

the sight of her form and line and walk
each unique quality that was hers

etched within his sight ..
long after she disappeared around the corner his,

forevermore …

Each unique quality that was hers became

his lasting need to know.

Christmas: That Same Year

That same year they each received
skates for Christmas.

While families ate their Christmas meal or
opened gifts or

thought about the Christmas pig
they journeyed to the little pond within the

little park where they lived in their
little town.

Carrying their skates, his black her’s white
they arrived on time at opposite ends.

They sat the bench between the pond and the old two story bandshell

(that burned away that summer), too shy to say one word to the other

that Christmas day so long ago when

Light wings fell through frozen air and time
the ground with carpet white, boxed homes appearing vacant,
no passing cars in sight

their world hushed and white.

‘Round and ‘round they glided
their paths crossing but
they could not look.

The only sounds that could be heard
four blades of Sheffield steel
scraping against ice while
circles and figure eights
trailed behind them.

continued …