Their light flowed from within their four walls, to infect the world with its amplified awareness … outward and down the slope at night, it flowed to a place where night peepers sang their chorus of acknowledgment, driven to celebrate the light of “their” shared realities with harmony, interplay and counterpoint …

Even the glow bug aware of their light circled them with envious curiosity the night it ventured from its sandy cove beneath a log to examine the complexity and truth of what it observed.  ‘roung and ‘round them it flew as they shared their awareness  before it retreated into its haven under the log to sit and stare with wonder.

And, so they were this, and so much more in the light of day when they lived in the solid world where they could see and touch each other

Oh yes!  Touch!  Their search for entrance through touch.  Tiny droplets of themselves condensed into golden nectar, exchanged a hundred or more times when they loved each other, until they were each other’s selves in most ways.

Until that is, another force appeared and swallowed them whole.