DSC_1143– Night Peepers –

… it felt like you wanted me to kiss you but I was preoccupied with something stupid like; how many branches to cut off of a tree or, whether the lake has tides or, if some strange glow bug had a mind as great as ours and was observing us more so than we it …

Or, I was waxing strange about whether there were alien space craft in the night sky when I knew that we both had seen them.

Suddenly you said, “Tell me how much you love me and kiss me.”

And when I told you and gave you, you said, “Now, that’s more like it.”

And you loved me back and we melted into the summer sand and were joined with the grains and the rush of waves and the blue black sky and the orange moon on the horizon and lights on the distant shore; the unseen green of another reality.

And the northern wind swept us up into the trees where we were absorbed into pine scent and yellow pollen, poplar leaves, curling birch paper.

And we became the sounds of the night; wind rushing through leaves and needles; the trees in concert with lake’s whispered sounds, a chorus of spoken sound wrapped in glacial water and ancient growth; the hush of night secrets, spoken words reclined in adoration and praise; the murmur and moan of passion and warmth, the friendly accompaniment of sweet peepers delighted by our flights .. grown silent when at last, we drifted into our

peace ….