Awakened to your senses!

You came alive!

I mean you really came alive
to the experience you knew
existed …

Alive to wonderment …..

What every woman wants
to remember.

You flew that night
onto the face of “the me”…

I was tuned to you so perfectly.

So intent on pleasing, so
in love, every moment of pleasure
refreshing and wonderful paths
traced around your body with
subtle touch, stop off points
along the way …

The journey of pleasure to a land you knew existed but
had never C … SEEN …. feel … feeling … felt … or been …

The place to live and love again
and again and again; the place of journey’s end
on those nights given to perfection …

Wouldn’t it be perfect
for a luscious, sweet, fragrant, slippery, ripe, tingling,
beautiful pussy like yours to slide
over the face of the one who
just gave you that

orgasm … ?