A successful artist finds fulfillment after a lifetime of need; True Love that comes to her full circle from the distant past..  

She had a choice to make one day, she chose the one for her survival.

A comfortable life with simple pleasures,
few conversational demands plenty of money,
a handsome home, free to spend time
on her knees planting in the garden,
a place to create behind windows of light,
treasures she made with light machines,
knowing her way around the show places/meeting the right people/willing to make her famous once again.

The stones and skeletons, birds nests and t.v. lamps
collected and displayed on shelving she had made,
the massive tiger she stood next to
the boa and the stripper …
the one with the fine ass
on the bathroom wall her guests found
so beguiling.

Past miles and miles of travel
across the sea she stood with cold sobriety watching
from balcony’s of delight Italian or Parisian displays of
her captured light; crowds who looked upon her splendor
and bought what she had made; the lakes and forms she captured in their entirety or chambers where people died or
sordid rooms where people fucked …
stripped bare of their integrity; sterile places in deathly colors
cold and dead walls, crucifixes through windows of time,
life sucked dry, taken from the lives of innocents,
poor victims of authorities accord, put to death
in various ways; hung high or shocked in retribution,
drugged into oblivion, sleep that never ends below the ground
where they find sweet serenity,  glad that life is done,
astute within their senses, dried blood within their veins,
dark houses behind their eyes, silver dollars taken to rest
within their graves, free to search through eternity, to
glide on winds of time, happy to be free from
the unfairness of life’s travails,
the never ending desire finally


The die rooms hidden from the masses
the end and the beginning of time
before their time had come,
she gave for all
to see.

She went into tunnels far below
to witness and see ice explorations
past lost gardens of the sun or deep within the sea to
capture light with all its spender,
strange worlds of beauty unseen
beneath the surface,
gifts of thought through eyes unblinking
the world expanded
for all to

She loved to watch the birds fly by in
later spring orioles searching for orange segments
given by the watchers
nailed to

She thrilled to see visions of hawks and yellow warblers
their flights of fancy to distance far and near
past the eyes of time not unlike the train that took her
from the depot of her dreams,
her own migration from home to
spaces never seen before, she discovered that were

She grew her seeds of wonder
within the light she held captive
seen through eyes that did not blink,
wide eyed full of wonder,
flashing lazy globules through wondrous machines
the light she grabbed and

She made her mark upon the world
within the box she used to
cook the colors she had

Serene and wanting
she found her way past life’s travails.

All but one.

The needy desires that had failed,
she found them toward the end
incredible, fulfilling, happy to embrace
life’s dearest

One person only one among the many
she moved with through morning sun
the ecstasy she had longed for
before her life was done,
she found it from life’s beginning,
the rising of her sun from
long ago!

The beauty of the night finally captured within
the day of lost

She found the laughter she didn’t think existed;
never known but always looked for,
her life of need finally found
toward the setting of her

The depot of departure,
her migration from the  bandits of time,
life’s stolen memories finally given thoughts
so sublime;  infinite love with finite measure,
nights and days of pleasures found,
the strength of loves lost measure,
the other side of creativity’s treasure,
one pivotal creature from long ago
who gave meaning to it all and
received it in

The sight of life below the surface
that she had never known,
the light of first lights measure
finally seen.

The beauty that was hidden
from those who could never see
her shining light star so brightly held,
she found riding past the house
and that tree that made her
who she is and always will be

an angel in the sun …