The Soft Brown Fawn Aurora


I see the soft brown fawn aurora as white sky

draws light ‘round curved shoulders that taper,

long neck framed by nature’s green

reflected into shadow curve of small indentations

’round hard defining bone.

Within the outline drawing white and green

two curvatures soft and serene look down.

The soft brown fawn aurora is within loving sight!

Behind closed eyes the shadows and shapes

revealed by sightless vision,

the brown fawn skin tone is absorbed around

the rising mass within

while touch sensations stream rivers through dark forms;

wet firma, soft pungent earth, fertile ground

given and shared.

Night sounds speak of growing need for touch;

to absorb with tender force separate, rest then touch,

absorb and separate

again and again.

Night sounds speak whispered words of love.

The soft brown fawn aurora fills with thrilling force!

Dark forms bend, give life to the rising wet mass,

within the forest the fawn deer streaks with abandon

toward the bright dawn

while river water floods its banks!

Dawn brings light once again.

Love’s night sounds grow silent.

The fawn deer lies down to sleep.

River water finds its banks.

The risen mass and soft brown fawn aurora

alone again yet, as