… and even though she might not express those thoughts to him, he knew she had those kinds of thoughts and feelings and he knew why she felt so good all the time but, he didn’t feel the need to tell her because all that mattered to him was that she felt good … she felt happy … that she felt free of pain. 


… and when she was with him she felt like she was with her best friend so, she loved to put her arm through his or around him or, she would put her head on his shoulder while they walked …

… and every once in a while she’d look at him from across the room or when they waited in line to buy tickets to a movie or when he drove up and she’d realize again and again that he was that boy who tried to capture her heart by climbing that old leafless tree .. and she’d look at him full of wonder and she’d shake her head and she’d feel so pleased and so …

… every once in a while when that happened she’d put her hands on both sides of his face and she’d give him 5 or so tiny kisses on different places around his face or at other times he’d look down at her and he’d see her face … the face that all he ever wanted to do was look at … and they both would feel like they were melting and they’d dissolve and fall into some kind of sleep and they’d dream with their cheeks next to each other and they’d dream about plaid shorts and white t-shirts and bicycle tires and tree limbs against a blue sky and hearts …..

The End