A lucky man finds true love with the girl he instantly fell in love with when he was ten years old.  

And They Lived …

And when the man driving in the country remembered the story about being invisible when he was ten years old sitting in the tree next to her house so he could see her face better he realized how lucky he was because now he could watch her while she lay back reading a book or he could look at her from across the room when they were with friends and she’d know he was looking at her.  Or, while she talked to him he could look at her face.  All he ever wanted to do was look at her face.

Now he could look at her face whenever he wanted to and he could even kiss that face and touch the face that she had grown into and by touching her in so may ways that a ten year old boy could never even imagine, he could make her feel dreamy and good and happy, like her body was floating.

And he knew that her mind was filled with beautiful pictures and that she had self contained ideas that she couldn’t wait to talk about and he loved to listen to her talk and he knew that pleasant thoughts were always slowly bubbling up and out of her all the time because he was with her all the time – even in her mind, if he wasn’t with her in person.

And maybe she didn’t even realize just how sublime and beautiful she felt or why she felt the way she did because she just moved through life, living it by the moment, thinking everything was funny but, every once in a while she’d stop and shake her head and ask herself, “Why do i feel good all the time?” or, “Why is everything so funny but nobody else thinks it is.”

… continued …