continued …

I moved us around the floor so I could look at our four friends still sitting in their chairs against the wall.  They watched us with curious expressions; wondering looks on their faces.  What was it about us that held their attention?

Before the song finished several couples walked off of the dance floor.  We continued to occupy our space in the middle of the floor.

I let the vibrations of the song determine where we moved.  We were focused on each other,  unaware of our friends or anyone else in the big room.

I tried to maintain my composure but, I was so aware of your presence. The warmth of your body. The tiny bones of your hand held in mine.  I felt the fingers of my right hand encircling your back separate themselves at the base of your spine.  I felt the soft wool of your sweater.  We moved a fraction of an inch closer to each other.

And then it seemed we were inside of an invisible bubble surrounded by a force field that defined the space we occupied as a separate world.

It seemed the room slowly moved around us while we stood still moving our feet.  I looked at your face.  You lowered your eyes.  I saw the  blue aura.

I saw your lash.   I could read your shy expression and I couldn’t move my eyes away …

The End