continued …

They were a rare entity … these two beings made for each other.

To the chippers and squirrels who listened to him when he spoke.

To the birds who sat on the limbs next to her to see more clearly the light double amplified.

To the peepers who sang chorus to them in the night, when sudden awareness flowed down upon them from where “their” light grew even more intense, within the four grooved walls of their exploding selves;

From the spaces within their minds and bodies where grew convulsions/upheavals/a well-spring of even deeper awareness they sought and delved into and found.

Vibrations in tune with harmony and triumph, mirth, the acknowledgement and joy from tender gifts given.

The gifts of flesh, mind, thought expressed with total physicality, their shared realities imploding into deeper senses inside .. into inner space …

Two minds communicating through the subtle movement of body to places never seen… never even imagined!

Where a  curling about of gifts given, a circular reunion from ages past/ where time ruled, came into the present, grown large.

Where the warm glow of sensation was amplified from a vibrating point of light/through colors purple and red, the spectrum of shared intimacy unmatched!

To explosions of breathless life shared; two songs sung in unison or perfect harmony along with

the rhythm of perfect cadence.