Nature… Their thoughts and ideas were the brine of their shared intellectual fluids, just enough tartness to shiver the timbers of the spontaneous affection that swept over them from time to time, unexpected like a rolling mixture of heavy air…invisible power from somewhere that wrapped them so tightly into each other’s grasp… some power that was a force field around them, some feeling they both knew existed that came and convinced them for long periods of time while held tightly, that their molecules and atoms would intersperse, exchange, break down, reunite, evolve and that reformed, they would leave this world as one entity for another world yet, in the same world yet… in another.

They knew with precise clarity what life would be like within the within- within… each of them sharing one “self”, living, thinking sharing thoughts like pinwheels or berms of soil, the stars at night; their molecules and double helixes, wrapped around the living lake and air and sandy soil with all of the animals and even the insects that were drawn to “their” complex light… a light these lower beings had never seen or sensed.