And  ………. !


They shared such creative thoughts, ideas, certain movements, their dances, their work; the thick boards they joined together with rustless screws to make the boxes that became incubators for the living things they nurtured into the ground with soiled working hands… !!

(her hands delicate, the skin waxy thin, tiny machines, their intricate parts visible, lean and long with male nails, slender, artful fingers, pliable, able to form and reform space, to twist objects, to pour fluids, smooth card stock and royal paper.  images flowed from those fingers, they connected her to the world of her creations… along with her eyes…  while his; thick and bony knuckled, blunt ended, numb or at least not sensitive to tiny screws and small nails, were more suited to a sledge or maul or, a large rock or stones to be placed for stepping, or yards and yards of shovel work, acres of fallen leaves gathered in mounds not to mention, the strength and gentle magic of those hands… able to make ultimate connection with the curve of her flesh so different from the chores of what those ham- hocks looked like they were supposed to be doing.)

They shared the toil and common sense of their endeavors, the living things they nurtured into the ground, the heart rocks and smooth granite they made and used to frame around the little children of the earth; the soil they moved, the earth they sculpted and planted, ideas shared, tangents of conversant words … repetitious, but just as joyfully spoken the nth time as the first.


There were wings they built and flew on, above the sun room beams, retaining walls and tub splashes and ponds and rocks they made and … even the shape of water splashing precise and accurate each drop, its own graceful arc … accordingly … had to conform to suit her vision but… the vision was not complete until connected to the skill of his bulky thick hands.